Public Private Partnerships

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Preliminary Business Plan for Tynehead Regional Park East

For the Regional Parks Division of the Greater Vancouver Regional District.  Two documents to prepare GVRD Regional Parks to manage a proposal call for a public/private partnership to develop 300 acres of land to provide residents of the Lower Mainland, and other regions, with an outstanding mix of recreational, cultural, educational and entertainment facilities and services. 

A Request for Qualifications and Concepts [RFQC] for Tynehead Regional Park [East]

For the Regional Parks Division of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. 


Potential Use of Public/Private Partnerships to Meet Corporate Vision

For Providence Health Care, Vancouver. The report formed one foundation of the Providence Legacy Project [May 2002], which contemplates the use of public/private partnerships for several site redevelopment projects now under consideration by the Providence Health Care Society.

Procurement of Recreational Facilities Through Public/Private Partnerships

For the Board of the Killarney Community Centre Society, Vancouver.  The report reviews the experience of municipalities in British Columbia in procuring recreational facilities and services through public/private partnerships.  It examines the experience of ten municipalities with close to 20 public/private partnership projects developed in the past 7 years.


Public/Private Partnerships for Development of Healthcare Infrastructure

The report examined the opportunities for public/private partnerships in healthcare related projects in British Columbia.